Our Vision

To create a simple, easy-to-use handheld-based application specifically designed to help companies with their physical inventory.

Our modern software runs on virtually all Windows Mobile devices and is ideal for handheld computers with integrated barcode scanners which enable a user to quickly scan bar-coded items as part of the physical inventory process.


Our business is about helping companies and organizations become more productive by enabling them to conduct their business anytime, anywhere.


Parent Company

Mobile ID Solutions, Inc., located in Southern California, is a leading systems integrator for mobile computing and barcode data capture solutions. We specialize in helping companies capture data at the “point-of-activity” and providing anytime, anywhere access to it. This enables faster, better decisions in sales, service and delivery leading to improving efficiency and profits.

 Easy to Use Hand-held Interface

 Does not require desktop client

 Integrates with third party ERP/POS software

 Modern User Interface

 Configurable rules enable high accuracy

 Runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5

 Powerful Feature Set

 Easy to Install

 Enhance business profitability

 Increase employee productivity

 Improve accuracy of inventory counts

 Increase customer satisfaction

 Better planning and forecasting